Is Barack calling people @ home?

barack-obama-callingA friend of mine’s grandmother received a call the other night on her iPhone that read Barack Obama White House. Personally if I received a call like that I would laugh and push it to voice mail because I’m guessing our new President has more pressing matters to attend to (*cough* global economy). However this wasn’t the case with my friend’s grandmother. The phone rang and my friend, we”ll call him Earl, looked at the phone and chuckled and then handed his grandmother the phone and said “It’s Barack Obama from the White House”. I wasn’t there but I’m sure she looked at him like he was crazy. She slid the answer button to the right (by the way, Apple, your design skills are amazing) and in what I can only image was a every awkward hello and omg, proceeded to talk to the man on the other line who introduced himself as Barack Obama. He told her that she had been randomly selected out of a pool of contributors and supporters to come and meet him at the White House and that he had wanted to make the phone call himself. Now at this point it’s unclear as to how many of these random contributors were chosen or even how they were chosen. My guess is like bingo, people’s name on little white balls and Barack (I feel it’s ok to call him Barack because he seems like a cool guy) has one of those little cage like bingo spinners on his desk in the Oval Office. He gives it a quick spin and pulls out a name and BAM, Earl’s grandmother is going to the White House.

Now I’m not discrediting the conversation that Earl’s grandmother had with Barack because there were other people present who heard her on the phone and it sounds like it was quite real. However I do have a few questions about this whole thing:

1. How is it that in his second week as President, Barack has the time to call people at home? If I remember correctly we (the US and the rest of the world) are in so pretty deep you know what with the economy and there is a lot to be done. I know a phone call doesn’t really take long but if you read my last post (Super Bowl Saturday?) I came up with a quick way to help boost of the economy in about the same time as it takes to make a phone call. Not saying he’s not doing his job because I think he’s amazing and I totally voted for him. I’m just wondering what the priority list looks like (1. deal with global economy, 2. call supporters about shin-dig at my new pad, 3. talk to Iran about their WMDs…)
2. Why did the phone call disappear from the call history on the phone? This is the part that I really don’t understand. I mean it’s not like there was a phone number to call back because where the phone number usually is it just read White House. So it’s not like we could dial back and say “oh one more thing how’s the dog hunt going for Sasha and Malia”?
3. Did the phone call come from that old school red phone that sits in the Oval Office? It’s always there in movies so I’m assuming it’s really there.

I have many more questions about this bizarre encounter with the President but I’m going to hold back. I will say this though, if this really was a phone call from the actual President himself that’s pretty amazing and kudos to you Barack for taking the time to call your loyal supporters. 

Barack, if you read this and would like to get a hold of me to discuss some of my other ideas for improving the economy drop me a line and I’ll give you a call, or if you just want to chat I’m available for that as well. Also I sent you an invite on Linkedin and I’m looking forward to being professionally connected to you.


~ by haphazardthought on February 2, 2009.

One Response to “Is Barack calling people @ home?”

  1. sounds to me like CPN spoofing (aka Caller ID spoofing). If I was the phone phreak (or prankster) doing the spoofing I would have chosen “Aretha Franklin” instead.

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