Tough Job

Apparently being a trash man is really difficult because every Tuesday evening when I get home the trashcans are either 5 feet from the curb or right in the middle of the driveway, so I assume they just don’t have the time to put them back where they were. Also if you have one extra bag of trash and you leave it next to the trashcan because it doesn’t fit, it’ll still be there for you when you get home just in case you threw something away that you didn’t want to.

I remember when I was a little girl I used to see the trash men picking up the trash in the morning in their big noisy trucks that sounded like a tank rolling down the street. One would be driving and the other would hop off the truck and pick up the trash cans and empty them in the back and if there was an extra bag off to the side they would grab that too. Now they don’t even get out of the truck. Now they have this contraption off the side of the truck that lift’s the trash bin and dumps the contents into the back of the truck and then it set down wherever. There are still 2 people in the truck one to drive and one to make sure the bin is put down in a position to block people from pulling into their driveway when they get home. They also still wear gloves even though they don’t touch anything.

I don’t get it, when did the trash man (maybe I should be P.C. and call them trash person) stop getting out of the truck? And why won’t they pick up that extra bag? Is it really that hard?


~ by haphazardthought on February 3, 2009.

One Response to “Tough Job”

  1. Well my trashman gets out of the truck, he will get our to write a notice on my trash can letting me know that my can is too full for his machine to pick up…I am not sure that he gets out for any other reason.

    Just a side note: Drake wasnted to be a trash man when he was a kid because he thought they only worked one say a week =)

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