I “borrowed” your coffeemate!

We’ve been going through some cuts in our office and trying to cut corners where we can, so lately the individual creamers haven’t been as full as usual. I’m not here to complain about the lack of creamer because I don’t even use it, I drink coffee in it’s natural state, but there are people who enjoy a little added dairy product to their coffee and instead of complaining about there being no creamer they have been bringing in their own. I’m not talking about just a simple carton of creamer, I’m talking about those fancy flavored creamers. You know the ones that have the seasonal flavors that usually taste like crap but you buy them to be festive and every so often they change the lid and pouring mechanism to make the bottle look different and then they slap a slogan on the side that says “now easier to pour” along with a small bump in price (that’s a whole other blog in itself).

Anyways, these people are bringing in their own creamers and placing them in the community fridge to keep them fresh but does that mean it’s community creamer? No, however there are people who don’t bring in their own creamer and instead say “I’ll just borrow some of so and so’s, they won’t mind”. I have to pose the question, how do you borrow creamer? To borrow something usually insinuates that you’ll be giving it back. How do you give back creamer that you have poured into your coffee and then ingested (if you have an answer for this I would rather not hear it)?

So for those of you who bring you’re own fancy creamer to work to enjoy with your morning cup of joe I have a few tips for you to keep your creamer safe:

1. Make sure your name is on it. This may not stop people from using it when you’re not looking but at least if you catch some one in the act they won’t be able to lie and say it’s theirs.
2. Mark the level of the creamer after you’ve used it. This may throw people off, they won’t want to go to the trouble of finding a marker to remark the bottle. This will also help you keep track of your creamer intake (I don’t think this stuff is very healthy).
3. Blackout the expiration date. People may not want to use it if they think it might be expired (although the night time cleaning staff may toss it out if they think it’s bad so mark it as don’t throw away).
4. Peel off the label. If they don’t know the flavor they won’t bother

If none of this works, follow this link to purchase you’re own crime scene investigation kit and start processing fingerprints to find out who the culprit is.


~ by haphazardthought on February 15, 2009.

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