Jason Mesnick-the most confused man in the world

jason1Ok so I hate to admit it but I watch the bachelor. I know it’s a stupid show where girls and/or guys go on and think they can fall in love and be ready to marry someone in 6 weeks. It’s absolutely ridiculous and I love it. I’m going to start out by telling Jason Mesnick that you really need to relax and stop crying so much. Maybe he has overactive tear ducts or something but he really needs to get that under control.

Now throughout this season I have actually felt bad for the single dad from Seattle (by the was I think he should buy the rights to that tagling “single dad from seattle”), but after the season finale I just think this guy is bananas and Melissa is very fortunate to be out of that relationship. I’m not going to go through the whole show and comment but I am going to touch on a few of my favorite bachelor moments

1. When Jason is talking about how much he loves Melissa, he says she reminds him of his ex-wife and DeeAnn (former bachelorette who dumped him for a snowboarder). News Flash Jason, the whole third times a charm thing doesn’t usually mean you should keep going after the same exact thing especially in the case of marriage. Change it up, obviously something didn’t work out with the last two clones so don’t try and make another.

2. During the episode “After the Rose” Jason actually goes on live television after he’s sent Molly away and proposed to Melissa and tells Melissa that he made a mistake and he loves Molly still. One of my favorite parts of this episode was the beginning, when Chris, the host, explains that there is no studio audience because the nature of the episode is too emotional. So if I understand this correctly it was too emotional for an audience but not for television broadcast for all to see. That is amazing. He broke up with her on national tv for all to see, but don’t worry she totally got him back on camera by calling him a bastard and clicking off stage in her heels. Piece of advise to Melissa, if this happens again with some other guy (my guess is it will) give him a swift kick in the knee when you stand up and he’s still sitting, that way he can’t try and follow you.

3. Jason says “sometime you just have to follow your heart no matter who it affects” after he ends things with Melissa. I believe there are many others with this same thought in mind and they usually commit crimes of passion so watch out Molly.

4. Finally at the end the host says “We couldn’t have ended the show on a better note.” I hate to point out the obvious but I think Melissa would have disagreed with this comment as she drove away in the back of a limo sobbing.

So, I think Jason Mesnick needs to take a break from dating and focus on getting his crying under control.


~ by haphazardthought on March 3, 2009.

One Response to “Jason Mesnick-the most confused man in the world”

  1. Do you truly believe this was real? It’s nothing more than a publicity stunt in my opinion. Question everything you see on TV, eh-vree-thing.

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