Rachael Cantu

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I usually don’t post more than once a day (and if you been following my posts I have a hard time with even that), but I just downloaded Rachael Cantu’s new album and single so I had post one of her tracks. Enjoy!


Jason Mesnick-the most confused man in the world

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jason1Ok so I hate to admit it but I watch the bachelor. I know it’s a stupid show where girls and/or guys go on and think they can fall in love and be ready to marry someone in 6 weeks. It’s absolutely ridiculous and I love it. I’m going to start out by telling Jason Mesnick that you really need to relax and stop crying so much. Maybe he has overactive tear ducts or something but he really needs to get that under control.

Now throughout this season I have actually felt bad for the single dad from Seattle (by the was I think he should buy the rights to that tagling “single dad from seattle”), but after the season finale I just think this guy is bananas and Melissa is very fortunate to be out of that relationship. I’m not going to go through the whole show and comment but I am going to touch on a few of my favorite bachelor moments

1. When Jason is talking about how much he loves Melissa, he says she reminds him of his ex-wife and DeeAnn (former bachelorette who dumped him for a snowboarder). News Flash Jason, the whole third times a charm thing doesn’t usually mean you should keep going after the same exact thing especially in the case of marriage. Change it up, obviously something didn’t work out with the last two clones so don’t try and make another.

2. During the episode “After the Rose” Jason actually goes on live television after he’s sent Molly away and proposed to Melissa and tells Melissa that he made a mistake and he loves Molly still. One of my favorite parts of this episode was the beginning, when Chris, the host, explains that there is no studio audience because the nature of the episode is too emotional. So if I understand this correctly it was too emotional for an audience but not for television broadcast for all to see. That is amazing. He broke up with her on national tv for all to see, but don’t worry she totally got him back on camera by calling him a bastard and clicking off stage in her heels. Piece of advise to Melissa, if this happens again with some other guy (my guess is it will) give him a swift kick in the knee when you stand up and he’s still sitting, that way he can’t try and follow you.

3. Jason says “sometime you just have to follow your heart no matter who it affects” after he ends things with Melissa. I believe there are many others with this same thought in mind and they usually commit crimes of passion so watch out Molly.

4. Finally at the end the host says “We couldn’t have ended the show on a better note.” I hate to point out the obvious but I think Melissa would have disagreed with this comment as she drove away in the back of a limo sobbing.

So, I think Jason Mesnick needs to take a break from dating and focus on getting his crying under control.

I “borrowed” your coffeemate!

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We’ve been going through some cuts in our office and trying to cut corners where we can, so lately the individual creamers haven’t been as full as usual. I’m not here to complain about the lack of creamer because I don’t even use it, I drink coffee in it’s natural state, but there are people who enjoy a little added dairy product to their coffee and instead of complaining about there being no creamer they have been bringing in their own. I’m not talking about just a simple carton of creamer, I’m talking about those fancy flavored creamers. You know the ones that have the seasonal flavors that usually taste like crap but you buy them to be festive and every so often they change the lid and pouring mechanism to make the bottle look different and then they slap a slogan on the side that says “now easier to pour” along with a small bump in price (that’s a whole other blog in itself).

Anyways, these people are bringing in their own creamers and placing them in the community fridge to keep them fresh but does that mean it’s community creamer? No, however there are people who don’t bring in their own creamer and instead say “I’ll just borrow some of so and so’s, they won’t mind”. I have to pose the question, how do you borrow creamer? To borrow something usually insinuates that you’ll be giving it back. How do you give back creamer that you have poured into your coffee and then ingested (if you have an answer for this I would rather not hear it)?

So for those of you who bring you’re own fancy creamer to work to enjoy with your morning cup of joe I have a few tips for you to keep your creamer safe:

1. Make sure your name is on it. This may not stop people from using it when you’re not looking but at least if you catch some one in the act they won’t be able to lie and say it’s theirs.
2. Mark the level of the creamer after you’ve used it. This may throw people off, they won’t want to go to the trouble of finding a marker to remark the bottle. This will also help you keep track of your creamer intake (I don’t think this stuff is very healthy).
3. Blackout the expiration date. People may not want to use it if they think it might be expired (although the night time cleaning staff may toss it out if they think it’s bad so mark it as don’t throw away).
4. Peel off the label. If they don’t know the flavor they won’t bother

If none of this works, follow this link to purchase you’re own crime scene investigation kit and start processing fingerprints to find out who the culprit is.

Power Tools in the Morning

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Dear neighbors behind me,

I’m not sure if you know this or not but 6:00am is sort of early to be pulling out the power tools. I understand you want to get that awning or whatever it is fixed in the backyard, but do you really have to start that early? Unlike most people I actually enjoy waking up to my alarm (a short cut of Electric Feeling by MGMT) and instead I’ve been waking up to the harsh sounds of sawing, drilling, and screwing (and no it’s not my roommates). Not only that, but you’re waking me up literally 15 min. before my alarm will go off. Now I know 15 min. doesn’t sound like a lot but to me it is and I think I should be able to decide when to scrap 15  precious minutes of sleep, not you.  All I’m asking is that you start after 7:20am when I’m awake and coherent so that when I hear the sound of a saw I don’t wake suddenly thinking I’ve been transported to the set of the next Jason movie. I don’t think that’s too much to ask.



P.S. I’m not sure if this is just a way of getting back at my roommates and I for that holiday party we have once a year but that’s only once a year and it’s on the weekend when you can sleep in. If you quit this power tool crap maybe we’ll invite you next year.

“he he he”

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Everyone uses instant messenger (IM) and text messaging these days and because of that we have developed ways of expressing sounds and reactions through letters and symbols (i.e. lol = laugh out loud). Sometimes I think people take it too far and get lazy so they just type the first letter of every word they want to say and expect the person on the other end to understand. I believe we may even be close to creating a new language. I might even add it to my resume under languages, fluent in writing and reading and conversation capabilities. However, like every language there are certain words that you just don’t use anymore after a certain age and there are words that are more masculine or more feminine.

This brings me to the main topic of this post. Is it ok for a guy to type “he he he” to indicate that they are laughing? I don’t think so. When I see “he he he” typed in a dialogue box all I hear is a little 5 year old girl laughing at her kitten playing with yarn or playing hopscotch in the yard. Sure that’s a pleasant picture but not when the dialogue is coming from a 28 year old guy. Be a man, say “ha ha ha” or just a simple “lol.” I’m not sure if it’s a clever way of dropping the masculine pronoun or something, but stop it. It make you sound like a giddy school girl. That’s just my 2 cents.

For those of you that are trying to learn this new language, here is a cheat sheet for you.

Tough Job

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Apparently being a trash man is really difficult because every Tuesday evening when I get home the trashcans are either 5 feet from the curb or right in the middle of the driveway, so I assume they just don’t have the time to put them back where they were. Also if you have one extra bag of trash and you leave it next to the trashcan because it doesn’t fit, it’ll still be there for you when you get home just in case you threw something away that you didn’t want to.

I remember when I was a little girl I used to see the trash men picking up the trash in the morning in their big noisy trucks that sounded like a tank rolling down the street. One would be driving and the other would hop off the truck and pick up the trash cans and empty them in the back and if there was an extra bag off to the side they would grab that too. Now they don’t even get out of the truck. Now they have this contraption off the side of the truck that lift’s the trash bin and dumps the contents into the back of the truck and then it set down wherever. There are still 2 people in the truck one to drive and one to make sure the bin is put down in a position to block people from pulling into their driveway when they get home. They also still wear gloves even though they don’t touch anything.

I don’t get it, when did the trash man (maybe I should be P.C. and call them trash person) stop getting out of the truck? And why won’t they pick up that extra bag? Is it really that hard?

Is Barack calling people @ home?

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barack-obama-callingA friend of mine’s grandmother received a call the other night on her iPhone that read Barack Obama White House. Personally if I received a call like that I would laugh and push it to voice mail because I’m guessing our new President has more pressing matters to attend to (*cough* global economy). However this wasn’t the case with my friend’s grandmother. The phone rang and my friend, we”ll call him Earl, looked at the phone and chuckled and then handed his grandmother the phone and said “It’s Barack Obama from the White House”. I wasn’t there but I’m sure she looked at him like he was crazy. She slid the answer button to the right (by the way, Apple, your design skills are amazing) and in what I can only image was a every awkward hello and omg, proceeded to talk to the man on the other line who introduced himself as Barack Obama. He told her that she had been randomly selected out of a pool of contributors and supporters to come and meet him at the White House and that he had wanted to make the phone call himself. Now at this point it’s unclear as to how many of these random contributors were chosen or even how they were chosen. My guess is like bingo, people’s name on little white balls and Barack (I feel it’s ok to call him Barack because he seems like a cool guy) has one of those little cage like bingo spinners on his desk in the Oval Office. He gives it a quick spin and pulls out a name and BAM, Earl’s grandmother is going to the White House.

Now I’m not discrediting the conversation that Earl’s grandmother had with Barack because there were other people present who heard her on the phone and it sounds like it was quite real. However I do have a few questions about this whole thing:

1. How is it that in his second week as President, Barack has the time to call people at home? If I remember correctly we (the US and the rest of the world) are in so pretty deep you know what with the economy and there is a lot to be done. I know a phone call doesn’t really take long but if you read my last post (Super Bowl Saturday?) I came up with a quick way to help boost of the economy in about the same time as it takes to make a phone call. Not saying he’s not doing his job because I think he’s amazing and I totally voted for him. I’m just wondering what the priority list looks like (1. deal with global economy, 2. call supporters about shin-dig at my new pad, 3. talk to Iran about their WMDs…)
2. Why did the phone call disappear from the call history on the phone? This is the part that I really don’t understand. I mean it’s not like there was a phone number to call back because where the phone number usually is it just read White House. So it’s not like we could dial back and say “oh one more thing how’s the dog hunt going for Sasha and Malia”?
3. Did the phone call come from that old school red phone that sits in the Oval Office? It’s always there in movies so I’m assuming it’s really there.

I have many more questions about this bizarre encounter with the President but I’m going to hold back. I will say this though, if this really was a phone call from the actual President himself that’s pretty amazing and kudos to you Barack for taking the time to call your loyal supporters. 

Barack, if you read this and would like to get a hold of me to discuss some of my other ideas for improving the economy drop me a line and I’ll give you a call, or if you just want to chat I’m available for that as well. Also I sent you an invite on Linkedin and I’m looking forward to being professionally connected to you.